Grant Application Process

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Procedures and Policies
Here is a guide to help organizations time their process.

Application Deadlines
April 1
August 1
October 1
Funding Determination Month (Third Thursday)

Applications will be accepted until midnight on the due date. If applications are incomplete they will not be considered for funding.
Contact with members of the board of Directors, prior to formal submission, is discouraged. If additional information is required during the review process, applicants will be contacted.
One grant application per organization may be submitted within a 12 month period. Applicants will be notified directly should there be any exception.

Elements of a Proposal:

• Brief history of your organization
• Mission statement
Break-down of number of clients served within each of the Foundation's zip codes (click here for list)
• Expected community impact (outcomes)
• Budget - organizational and program (if necessary)
• IRS determination letter
• List of officers and directors
• Indicate what percentage of your Board participates in annual giving.
• Most recent audited financials
• Most recent 990
• Latest Strategic/Business plan (if available)
• Final Report - If you received an award last year, the online system will not allow you to reapply until you have completed the short year-end report.

Timeline: Once proposals are received, an email confirmation will be sent. Those meeting the criteria are then subject to further study and investigation by the grants committee. This may include site visits, meetings in the Foundation's office, and/or a request for further information.

Recipients of grants are expected to comply with all the conditions set forth in the grant award letter. These will include the need for a press release, timely program reports and detailed measureable outcomes. Reports are also encouraged to be submitted via email:

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